The first day I arrived at Phnom Penh was a pleasant experience.

There was a strong turbulence on my flight here from Kuala Lumpa,  but the weather was beautiful and the sun was bright by the time I landed. Going through the customs was not too bad at all. There was a turkish/middle eastern guy in front of me and that took a while.

Koko, a local friendly Cambodian greeted me at the airport exit and we took a tuk tuk together back to the volunteer house.  On the way, Koko gave me a brief introduction of the Cambodia dos and don’ts. Brief but informative.

My first impression of Cambodia was that people are friendly, but it is important that we watch our belongings. As there are thieves and robbers that may snatch valuables from your wallets or backpack is a dusty city.

Traffic was not too bad as I was trying to remember where we were going, but the names of the streets were not very clear to me. Apparently there are many temples in Cambodia, there is also one close to our volunteer house. After receiving a few directions from Koko on identifying the streets and using pagodas as landmarks for tuk tuk drivers, we arrived at the volunteer house.

Koko showed me the place and I got a room to myself. I was grateful for that. Some solitary would be nice for me for this trip. Then I met this young and energetic student named Sophia, also a staff at the Cambodia Volunteer Foundation (CVF). Both Koko and Sophia and friendly and once I had settled down I went t